ISLL Papers 2024 (Vol. 17)

21/02/2024 – M. Paola Mittica, Diritto e musica. Ricerca e tendenze [Law and music. Research and trends]
This article aims to summarise the research trends affecting Law and Music, a side of Law and Humanities that is encountering increasing interest in the field of legal thought. To this end, it discusses the two approaches of Law in and Law as Music, the relationship between music and political identity, and that between music and political community, concluding on the musical roots of law.

11/03/2024 – Annalisa Verza, Dante’s Inferno and the teaching of law and digital citizenship in secondary schools
At the heart of the narrative of Dante’s Inferno is a descending hierarchy of categories, referring to human behavior and attitudes, which is largely an expression of the theological and moral (as well as legal, as far as moral judgments are linked to legal judgments) thinking of his time.
Starting from the application of this system to the framework of human conduct that takes place in the ‘other world’ of the web, this essay aims to reflect on the pure narrative power of the inverted climax of Dante’s Inferno, and above all on its potential applications in the teaching of law and of civic and digital citizenship.